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Sarah Parkin first appeared on the entertainment scene at the tender age of 15. Now a seasoned “veteran” at age 24, Sarah has established herself as a reliable, professional, and passionate musician. Having played at some of the most prestigious venues across NSW and for companies like Spotify and EndemolShine AU, and over 130 weddings, Sarah has a unique wealth of experience as a performer.

Sarah’s passion for singing began before she could talk, and at the age of 6, she developed a love for the piano. With a life-long dream of becoming a performer, inspired by the soulful music of artists like Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash, and Chris Isaak, Sarah picked up the guitar at age 13, and started playing pub gigs two years later.

Having a knack of knowing what the audience wants to hear, Sarah's extensive repertoire features classics from the 1950’s through to modern day hits. Sarah passionately delivers these songs in her own unique folky and laid-back style.

Whether it’s playing to a small audience in a restaurant setting or to hundreds at a pub venue, it’s clear to all that Sarah is passionate and gives her soul to her performance.

In addition to being a professional musician, Sarah graduated in 2019 from The University of New South Wales, gaining her qualifications to become a High School Music Teacher. In 2022, she will be completing a Master of Diagnostic Radiography at The University of  Sydney.

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